What to do in Montepulciano

Montepulciano needs little presentation. Travelers choose it as destination simply because it is a nice place to be since at least 500 years. There are at least 5 good reasons why you should visit it - and possibly more than once.

Artistic and cultural beauty

Montepulciano is called the “pearl of Renaissance” and when you get this attribute in Italy you should be quite proud of. The town is one of the most pristine and well-preserved example of Renaissance style outside Florence. It is dotted with magnificent palazzos and churches, picturesque and amazing views over the celebrated Tuscan countryside. Its beauty should be also found under the surface, in the incredible maze of ancient cellars and tunnels dug since Etruscan times to preserve the most valuable secret of the town (see the Wine section). Culturally speaking, Montepulciano hosts an important international music school (www.palazzoricci.com) offering high level concerts through the year and reputed art festival (www.fondazionecantiere.it) in July. Temporary art exhibitions are hold in the town’ Fortress or museum on regular basis. An important Italian language and culture school is based in town (see the specific page: Italian Language School Il Sasso)

Natural context

Not many people know that the 90% of the iconic visual material representing the whole Tuscany in all media (books, documentary, commercials, etc.) is actually taken from a small area comprises between Montepulciano, Montalcino and Asciano. This is the golden triangle of quintessential Tuscan landscape.

The location

Set between valley of Chiana and Orcia, close to major art cities and easily reachable by pubic means, Montepulciano is an inevitable destination when travelling across Italy or, in most cases, the perfect starting point of your Italian Journey.

The wine

The history of the town is so interlaced with its wine that you can not talk about one without mentioning the other. The wealth of the town originated from the wine production and produced the artistic and cultural development that can still be admired today. As a plus, a number of wine (and food) related events take place every year.

Food & Shop

The restaurant scene in Montepulciano is quite exciting with about 20 places in town and many more in the immediate surroundings (car needed). All specialize in regional recipes with endless variations. Some of them are just outstanding. We provide our guests with a detailed list and our recommendation. There is a good selection of shops, some offering "real goods" locally made as opposed to tourist trinkets. There are artist studios and jewelry makers.  Cafe Poliziano is a great place to just sit, people watch, enjoy the view (as Fellini did when it opened) and ask the friendly to make some of the best espresso and capuccino in town.

What´s going on in this season

You can follow the current events and initiatives on the Municipality Blog called Montepulciano living (in English)

The Politian Apartment's Blog

selects useful and interesting information for our guests (in English)




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