Municipality of Montepulciano Tourist Tax 

In accordance with Council Resolution No. 91 of 30 November 2011, the Municipality of Montepulciano has introduced a a City (or Tourist) Tax, to take effect from 1 February 2012 and applied to all non-residents lodging within the municipality.

The revenue from this tax will be used for the promotion and support of cultural and popular initiatives in Montepulciano and the development of facilities for visitors.

The aims have been agreed by the Municipal Council and by relative local businesses. For this reason, tourists are kindly asked to consider the Montepulciano City Tax not just as a levy but as a useful contribution to the upkeep of our town.

The tax is payable by non-residents for overnight accommodations. 

The amount in Euro is 1,00 per person per night. Children under 12 years are exempted

Note that from 2014 the city tax won't be included in the rental price any longer and must be paid upon check out.

The tax will be invoiced and paid separately from the accommodation rental. Amount under 50EU$ can be only paid in cash.

Fur further information see the Municipality web page (in Italian) :


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