The many friends and fellow travelers who stayed at the Politian apartments liked the perfect location in town, the friendly relaxed ambience and of course the good value. Word of mouth is most reliable of references, here some example:

LIz's blog. An accurate and beautifully pictured account about living in Montepulciano:


"The descriptions, photos, and other reviews are completely accurate and consistent with reality. Giacomo and Maria were a pleasure to interact with both before and during the trip. They were especially focused on extending hospitality to ensure that we felt 'at home' during our stay. The apartments are in an ideal section of town with free parking that is easily accessible from the front door. Among all of the rental places we used while in Italy, these apartments came the closest to being “palatial”. Our apartment could have easily held a family or two couples (we were only 2 people), and the furnishings seemed to be a better fit for nobility than for us simple travelers. The views from all of the rooms (we were on a corner of the building) were astounding, including a million-dollar view across the valley from our floor-to-ceiling bedroom windows.
From Matthew Fulton  Read the full story...

"Pleasant suprise was the size of the apartment, roomy and spacious. High summer whilst we were there, but shutters and windows allowed for air flow. Location is ideal. The landlords were most accommodating, pleasant and easy to deal with. Both spoke good English. The web site gave a fair and accurate portrayal of the apartment. Giacomo (the landlord) also provides helpful and accurate information regarding transport and the township at the apartment web site".
From Greg Meredith on Slow Travel  - Read the full story...

"We arrived in Montepulciano at 17:00 and found our apartments in the south end of town. Be sure you have good driving directions, which we did thanks to the thoughtful owner, Giacomo. We had both of his apartments that are side by side in one building. This may be one of the best values in all of Tuscany. The views are terrific and Giacomo is a big help. Both apartments also have internet stations. "
From Bob the Navigator Report on Fodors - Read the full story...

"On then to Montepulciano. The apartments are fantastic!! They are large and comfortable, the view is simply wonderful and they are right in the main street. We settled in, had a light dinner (Vino Nobile, Est!Est!Est! some mortadella di Toscana two different sorts of pecorino and some fruit ). The evening was filled with the candle lit street procession for the Bravio. Very photogenic!"
From Patrick's blog - Read the full story...

"We stayed in the Politian Apartment in Montepulciano in June. We had traveled from Rome and had spent many days walking all over Rome, so when we arrived in Montepulciano we were just ready to have a few days of pure relaxation. The apartment was absolutely amazing. I had seen pictures on the politian website, and they seemed almost too good to be true. But when we arrived, it definitely met if not exceed my expectations. The view from the living room (and bedroom) was amazing, hills of Tuscany."
From Trip Advisor - Read the full review...

Dan & Viki David and I had the most wonderful time in Italy! I’m sending you this photo of the full moon outside the window (such a view!) of the best place to stay in all of Tuscany. Honestly, when people ask me what the best part of my trip was, I say “walking into our apartment in Montepulciano and realizing that the internet description and photos were not only accurate but they could not begin to capture the warmth of the interior and the beauty of the view.” In other words, after months of obsessing over this trip, I was profoundly grateful that it was going to be as fabulous as I had hoped."
David and Marjorie from Arlington DC

"We will definitely be staying there again, and have already told many of our friends we are planning to bring them back with us. We adored Montepulciano, and the apartment was absolutely perfect..."
Brooks and Jean from NYC

"...we both want to thank you for making Montepulciano the very best part of our vacation. It was, unquestionably, the highlight of our trip, and we're already planning to return in either the fall of next year or the Spring of 2007. On that trip we hope to be able to stay with you for an entire week. It's hard to imagine a more perfect combination -- a spectacular apartment, in the middle of one of the world's most beautiful settings, presided over by a gracious and generous host. It was just great, and we truly enjoyed our stay with you."
Tom and Kim from Vancouver, WA USA

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